Hints and Tips to Finding the Appropriate Roofer in Columbus

The great thing today is that a roofer in Columbus is able to assist you with your roofing needs. If you are a home owner, you are bound to face a few roofing difficulties after some years of having built … Continue reading

Slate Roofing, History up high

Slate Roofing began in 1283, After Slate was used to roof the eight towers of Conwy Castle it gained popularity among the nobility. Slate also began to be used for churches and monasteries across england and wales. The slate was … Continue reading

Roofing Options

Traditional Roofing choices are materials like, Slate, Tile, Copper, Aluminum and Shingles. Some people have just gotta be different though here are some of the odder roofing options. Although Technically Metal Roofing, it usually isn’t contoured like this. Slate….nah, too … Continue reading

Odd Roofing Superstitions

Much like a child, as mankind has matured it has slowly shed it’s childish beliefs in boogey men and things that go bump in the night. As cultures become more aware of the real cause and preventions of catastrophes we … Continue reading

Planning your Green Roofing Project

There is a lot of planning that goes into designing an eco friendly roof, things  like capabilities, efficiency, structural integrity and cost will be the deciding factors when choosing your design. When figuring out what’s green and what’s not, you … Continue reading